I won’t be posting much in the coming weeks…

I’ve finally accepted the fact that a) I’m in a blogging slump, and b) I can’t seem to fit it into my life at the moment. There’s only so much we can all do in a day, or even a week, which means something always has to give. At the moment, I want to focus on doing a good job at work (which takes up about 40 hours a week), spending time with my family and friends, traveling, and working out.

You read it. Working out. I’m really dedicated to becoming healthier and stronger, and I’m finally in a good mindset on fitness. Before, it always used to be about appearance for me which soured every workout I did. Now, it’s about being strong and healthy. I just became a member at a gym close to work, and I’ll be going for the first time tomorrow. I want to dedicate time to working out and having fun with that around 3 times a week, which means I’ll probably only get home at 9 PM.

I wanted to warn you all before you started questioning my absence here. I will still post whenever I can or when I feel inspired, but it will be far less frequently. This might change in a few weeks or months if I get a bout if inspiration, you never know!

Like I said, something’s always got to give. At the moment, it’s this blog for me. I won’t disappear! I’ll just be in the background for a while. I’ll still participate in things like the N.E.W.Ts readathon, but I haven’t figured out whether I’ll post updates here or simply on Twitter. Guess we’ll find out soon ūüôā

June in the life, a personal wrap up

As you may know, every month I write a post on all the movies and TV shows I watched, the music I listened to, and the things I did in the past month. Let’s see what my life in June looked like!

what i watched 19

One of the shows I watched in June was Jinn, the new Arabic Netflix Original. I binge-watched the whole thing, which isn’t that much of a feat since there are only 5 episodes or so. It was a fun time, but I’ve heard quite a lot of criticism on it already. Obviously, it was very dramatic and over the top at times, since it’s a TV show about teenagers. However, I’ve heard people say that the dialogue is really off, and that no one actually talks like that (which is something I would have never noticed, as I cannot speak the language).

I also finished watching La Casa de Papel, in preparation for the new season coming in July. I¬†adore this show. It has become one of my absolute favorites, and I find myself glued to the screen whenever I’m watching it. I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for us next.

I also watched¬†Always Be My Maybe, a new Netflix movie everyone has been loving. It was so cute! I loved Ali Wong in this film, she did such an incredible job at portraying her character. One of my favorite parts of this movie is how important her career is to her, and how she isn’t willing to give that up because of love. It’s such an important message! The only thing that prevented me from giving this 5 stars is Randall Park. I didn’t love his acting, to be honest. At times, it felt like he wasn’t taking this movie seriously? I’m not sure whether that was the point of the character or not, but it made me feel odd.

what i did 19

Buckle up, because June was a wild ride.

The first weekend of June, I traveled to London to see BTS perform at Wembley Stadium. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen, if not the best. I can’t even describe it properly. Here’s a little video I took of the crowd!

A week or two later, I also saw¬†Eric Nam¬†in concert in Brussels! He was a fantastic performer. His voice is out of this world, and he’s way funnier than I ever realized.

Lastly, I bought tickets to see¬†Stray Kids¬†in Berlin in August! I can’t wait, as they’re one of my top 3 groups.

In June, I rediscovered my love for dance workouts and pilates. I had to stop doing them for the past two weeks because it’s been more than 30¬įC in Belgium and my apartment is an oven, but I’m excited to start a workout routine again.

A few days ago, I also watched my little cousin graduate high school. I’m so proud of her!

what i listened to 19

A.C.E – Under Cover
I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t I talk about this song in last month’s wrap up? Yes, I did! However, I still can’t stop listening to it and thus it deserved another mention.

ONE OK ROCK – Stand Out Fit In
Last month, Lindsey talked about ONE OK ROCK in her monthly wrap up. Since we usually love similar music, I decided to give them a try. I then continued to fall in love with them and have listened to their latest album on repeat.

Stray Kids – Side Effects
For the first time since falling in love with Stray Kids, I’ve had to listen to one of their songs on repeat before I could really get into it. It’s so different, yet so Stray Kids at the same time. I’m enjoying the song, but have to admit it’s not my favorite comeback so far.

ONE OK ROCK – Eye of the Storm
Like I mentioned before, I’ve been listening to this album on repeat.

Taylor Swift – You Need to Calm Down
I can’t stop singing along to this song! Someone help me!!

JK – Euphoria
I adore this song, but this new version of memories of JK made by the members just kills me.

What did you do in June?

Solo trip to South Korea (and Thailand)

Hi everyone! I just wanted to write a quick update to tell you all that I’ll be solo traveling to South Korea and Thailand for the next 6 weeks. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for absolutely ages, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I’ll be spending 5 weeks in South Korea, and a little less than a week in Bangkok (which is why I put Thailand in between brackets in the title -I’ll only be there for a few days). I have scheduled some posts to go up in my absence and I’ll probably take my laptop with me, but expect replies to your comments/comments on your blog posts less frequently.

I’m so excited to leave tomorrow!

I’m hoping to write some blog posts on my travels later (maybe some vlogs?) so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in.

A Day in Pairi Daiza

In the beginning of November, I visited Pairi Daiza (in Belgium) with some of my family members. Pairi Daiza is a kind of interactive zoo and garden? I think it’s described as an animal theme park or something on the website. Basically, they have a shit ton of animals in really big habitats you can walk through on paths, instead of tiny cages. Obviously, you can’t walk through the lions habitat, but you can look at them from a bridge above. So I thought I’d share some of the pictures I took!¬†

Some cool ass birds. 


More cute animals. Except the sloth on the ceiling. Sloths aren’t cute. And if they’re on the ceiling, they’re hard to photograph. There’s also a snow leopard. ¬†


A lazy panda. 


Hungry seals, and a cute old one being fed.


A giraffe being petted. And fed leaves by small children. 


Sleeping monkeys.


This is my grandmother shaking the monkey’s little hand. Just look at his face!


Give me some more handshakes, man.


A girl from the park with her pelican. It’s obvious the pelican sits there often…


A sleeping koala.


Aren’t they just gorgeous animals?¬†

I had a really great day in Pairi Daiza! It was a bit cold of course, but still amazing. If you are in Belgium and haven’t visited, I’d recommend it. I actually think they closed the park now. It’s closed until the start of spring, if I’m not mistaken.

I’M 22!

Yup, you read it right. I’m now officially 22! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

Last year, I made a 22 things to do before I’m 22 list. Today, I’m taking a look at what I’ve accomplished this past year!¬†

1. Take a trip on my own

So technically, I didn’t complete this. BUT I did book a solo trip for October 4th-7th! That counts for something, right? I’ll be taking a trip on my own in 2 weeks!

2.¬†Get my driver’s license

I also underlined this because I kind of accomplished it. Because I let my theoretical license expire in 2015 before doing my practical exam, I had to do the following: retake the theoretical exam, take driving classes with the driving school until I’m ready to do my exam with them. I¬†passed my theoretical exam in the beginning of the month, and I¬†have my driving classes and exam planned for the next 2 months. So I planned and organized it all before my birthday. That kind of counts, right?

3. Get my phsyical TBR down to 45

HAHAHA, no. It’s at 84. Oops.¬†

4. Take a snowboarding/surfing class

Also, no. But I have a voucher I can use for a class, so I will probably use that in the coming year!

5. Self-host and redesign my blog

Also, no. I want to take my time with this and do it right. And I haven’t had that time in the past year.¬†

6. Be able to run a 5K

Hahaha, also no. 

7. Complete a 30 day yoga challenge

Okay, so thanks to Inge, I completed this goal. Maybe not really in 30 days… But I did the 30 days the best way I could!¬†

8. Bungee jump

Nope. I still really want to do this though!

9. Graduate from university

YES I DID! I graduated in June, and it still makes me so happy. 

10. Visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter

No, I didn’t. But I underlined it because I did go to the Harry Potter Exhibit in Brussels! That kind of counts, right?¬†

11. Knit a Gryffindor scarf

Also kind of. I tried. And then I got so frustrated with knitting! My mom took over, so I do have a homemade scarf. I just didn’t do it myself… I’m obviously not a knitting person.¬†

12. Read 3-5 classics

Also, no. I try, I really do. I read Frankenstein this year! Classics are hard, people. 

13. Try being a vegetarian for a month

Underlined, again. I feel like in a way, I did more than accomplish this goal? I didn’t go fully vegetarian for a month but I think it’s safe to say that about 75% of my daily meals have become vegan in the past year.¬†

14. Take a helicopter ride

Nope. Also still really want to do this! 

15. Read NPR’s Top 100 fantasy list

How deluded was I? They’re like 90 series on that thing.¬†

16. Have my own place

This may have been a bit overconfident. I’ve only just graduated. I can’t really start looking for a place until I’ve found a job…

17. Reach 500 followers on my blog

Another accomplished one! I’m so grateful for all of you.¬†

18. Get a small tattoo

Nope. I have made a list of quotes I may want as a tattoo. One of those will become a tattoo soon. 

19. Meet some of my favorite authors

Also, no. I’m hoping to change that soon though!

20. Go to a book convention/fest

Sadly, this also didn’t happen¬†ūüė¶

21. Comment more on blog posts 

I definitely did this! I’m trying to comment on more blogs, and discover more blogs through memes like Top Ten Tuesday.

22. Try out more new recipes

I definitely accomplished this. Going vegan for a lot of my meals has meant trying out a lot of new recipes and ingredients. I used to hate corn, and now I’ve discovered I quite like it. I have re-discovered my love for broccoli. I tried a Korean recipe on my own. I often go out of my way to buy one ingredient I have never used on a grocery trip, and find something delicious to do with that.¬†

So how did I do? I fully completed 5 of my goals, and kind of completed 3.

The goals I didn’t complete will become my goals for the next year! Maybe I can complete them before I turn 23!¬†

What I’ve got left to do before I’m 23:

Take a trip on my own
Get my driver’s license
Get physical TBR down to 45 books
Take a snowboarding/surfing class
(be able to) run a 5K
Self-host & redesign my blog
Bungee jump
Read 3-5 classics
Take a helicopter ride
Read NPR’s Top 100 fantasy list
Have my own place
Get a small tattoo
Meet some of my favorite authors
Go to a book convention/fest


As you’re reading this, I’m either on my way or have arrived in Kemer, Turkey. I’m going on a trip with my parents from today, the 19th, until the 30th of July.

I did try to schedule some posts so my blog won’t be completely empty while I’m gone. But I think the WiFi in the hotel will be pretty bad, so I don’t expect I’ll be able to keep up with your posts and comment as much as I want. So expect a lot of comments from me in August, I’ll be trying to catch up!

I can’t wait for sun, lying at the pool, reading, taking walks on the beach and EATING ALL THE FOOD.

I won’t be able to write any weekly wrap ups though, so I’ll try to make a semi-monthly one when I get back so I can show you what I read while I was away.

Prague Day 1 | Old Town

As you may or may not know, I took a trip to Prague with my aunt last week. We left on February 3rd and returned on the 6th. Prague had been on my list of cities to visit for a long time, and when I saw a deal on Travelbird, I had to book it. I promised to write some posts with pictures from my trip, so here they are.

Day 1 to me was February 4th, as we arrived very late on the 3rd and didn’t get to explore anything. We decided that for our first day, we would visit as much as we could in Prague’s Old Town. We took the tram to the municipal building, which is absolutely beautiful as well, and walked from there on. I’ll show you the main highlights in this post.


We walked down some beautiful streets, just like this one, to get from the municipal building to the Old Town Square. To me, Prague’s beauty isn’t just found in its monuments and attractions, but in every street. The houses are cute colors and well maintained, and so are the streets. This entire city is just very clean. I live in Brussels, and while I love the city, it’s not clean. The houses aren’t maintained or restored, and it loses a lot of beauty that way. Prague is the complete opposite.


Then we arrived at the Old Town Square. This “Galerie” is just one of the many beautiful buildings you can find there. On the right side, you can also sneak a peek at the Tyn Church, a gorgeous Gothic building.¬†


Another sight which can be found in the Old Town Square is the Town Hall Tower with the astronomical clock. I’m sorry for the less than great photo, it’s the best I could do. The astronomical clock chimes every hour, and the place is packed with tourists. (Like me). We did go in and up the actual Tower, which gives you an amazing sight of the square.¬†


This is one of the views from the top of the Tower. You can see the Tyn Church I mentioned before, a part of the square, and many of the beautifully colored buildings around.


Then, we walked to Josefov, the Jewish neighborhood of the city. In the Pinkas Synagogue, we were confronted with the following. The Pinkas Synagogue has been transformed into a memorial for the Jewish victims of the second world war. On the picture above, you can see names of concentration camps the Germans built. 

On the photo on the left, it states that the names of Czech and Moravian Jews, victims of Nazi genocide between 1939 and 1945, have been inscribed on the walls of the synagogue. On the left, you can see ONE PART of one of those walls. Standing there kind of made me feel sick. Of course I am aware of the mass amount of people who died in the war. But at that point, you are literally standing in a mass grave of about 80.000 people. And those are only the Czech and Moravian victims. It’s sickening.


After we saw Josefov, we walked to the Charles Bridge. I can’t tell you how beautiful the bridge is, let alone the sight it provides you. Above, you can see a picture I took while standing on the bridge.

After seeing the Charles Bridge, we walked to Wenceslaus Square. As it was raining a tiny bit by that time, I didn’t really take any pictures there to show you. Plus, one of the main¬†buildings there is being restored, so all you could see of that is construction equipment.¬†

So that’s what we saw on the first day of our visit to Prague. Of course, I took many more pictures but I’ve selected the best of the day to show you all. What did we visit next? Guess you’ll have to wait to find out!

Personal Post #5: A Bit of a Downer

Hi everyone! I’ve been walking around with these thoughts in my head for a week now, and I figured I would write them down. Maybe sharing with you all would make me feel… better? Anyway. As you can see, this is another of my personal posts. If you aren’t interested in me or my life, feel free to skip this one -as it has no bookish mentions in it.

So, what is today’s post about? As you maybe deducted from the title, I haven’t been feeling the best¬†lately. And I don’t mean physically -although I do have a cold. I mean mentally. I’ve been anxious and sad and it has taken me a while to realize why. Maybe I haven’t even fully understood why, but this is as far as I have¬†come.¬†

I feel like I have lost a sense of belonging. While I didn’t like high school at all, I have loved the three years I’ve spent at my university. I felt like I finally found a place I belonged. Even though not every course was extremely interesting, I knew that I was in the right place. Which is a great feeling, you know? That you’re doing something you really want to do. During the summer, I did a work experience at Pan Macmillan in London and that feeling intensified. I really felt good there! I loved getting to know the work and people, I loved the city and it was an incredible experience.

Fast-forward to the end of September and the start of the new academic year at my university. It’s been two weeks now -almost- and I still haven’t recovered my sense of belonging. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely reasons I’m glad we’ve started again. I love the group of girlfriends I’ve made in the past 3 years and I’m so glad to see them all back. But yet, I don’t feel like I’m in the right place anymore. I’m excited to do my thesis and finish my studies but for some reason, I’m no longer excited about the school year.¬†

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ll obviously be finishing the year -because I want to, because it’s been paid and because I want to see my friends. But I need to get back that feeling! I need to feel like I’m doing the right thing for me again. Because right now, I’m not feeling it.¬†

Pair this with a general anxiety about finding a job I want next year and you can safely say that I’m not doing so great at the moment.¬†I find this topic so difficult to talk about with people.¬†I don’t know why I’m more comfortable writing about it here than telling my parents or my best friends. Maybe it’s because it’s such a hard-to-explain feeling? I have no clue.¬†

So yeah, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. I sincerely hope this “funk” goes away soon and that I can enjoy my final year again!¬†

Have you ever experienced anything like this? Do you have any advice? I’d really like to hear about it!

Personal Post #4: Work Experience at Pan Macmillan!

Hi guys! So today, I’m writing a post that is both book-related and personal. Two birds with one stone, right? If you follow me on Twitter/have seen my recent tweets, you may know that I recently did a two-week work experience at Pan Macmillan in London. I wanted to write about my experience today, for any of you considering to do the same –or those of who you didn’t even know the option was there.¬†

I had the opportunity to help in the publicity department for two weeks.¬†First off, I want to say that the people were so kind to me. I was most nervous about that aspect beforehand! Because I don’t know anyone in London, I was afraid that I would feel so alone if I wouldn’t get along well or feel comfortable with the people at Macmillan. Being an introvert, that terrifies me. I’m not very good at integrating in new groups and environments immediately,¬†but I definitely didn’t need to worry about that. It was an incredible environment to work in. During the past 3 years, I have seen many different forms of management and culture in my uni courses –as I do study business administration, and they should teach me something. If I had to describe Macmillan, I’d say that it was a trusting environment. Kind, not constantly checking up on you, and so on.¬†

As for the actual work, I found it so interesting! Before, I didn’t really have a clue what the publicity department actually did. Now, that picture is much clearer. I learned a lot these past two weeks. Both in what a publicity/communications department does, and in skills. What I loved the most is that I got to make some press releases for books for review. I know that may not sound really exciting, but you can be very creative about it, which I very much enjoyed.¬†

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this experience. Both to Pan Macmillan, for accepting me into their ranks for two weeks, and to my parents –without them I would have never been able to go. I truly feel like I have grown so much over the past few weeks. I lived alone –which is not new to me– in a country where I don’t know anyone. That alone was new to me. And I got to experience what working in the publishing industry actually is like! I learned new skills, absorbed so much information, met great people and lived in an incredible city.¬†

If you want to do an internship or work experience but are afraid you won’t get one because you’re not from the UK/wherever the internship is: go for it anyway. I never would have thought I’d be allowed to go, because I’m from Belgium, but it was absolutely no problem. I’m so glad I took a chance and sent in the request anyway!

Not only was I lucky enough to be allowed to do this work experience, I also received some amazing books! I’ll be making a¬†London book haul, which will include quite the amount of¬†books gifted to me by Macmillan. So you can look forward to that!

To anyone out there who is considering doing a work experience: go for it! I can’t express how grateful I am for the experience. It was incredible. THANK YOU, Macmillan, thank you.