Review Policy


My favorite genres:

  1. Fantasy. This is the genre I read most of, both adult and YA alike. I have been reading more adult fantasy lately. 
  2. Historical Fiction. I have been trying to branch out more into this genre. 
  3. Non-Fiction. I started reading more non-fiction books in 2015.
  4. Mythology and retellings.

Sometimes I read:
Thriller/mystery, science-fiction, graphic novels and contemporary romance.

I do not read:
Books with a pronounced religious theme.


  • I will always be honest when writing a review. I would never recommend a book to someone when I did not enjoy it myself, even if it was sent for review. That being said, I won’t bash books either. I’ll give you my reasons for not enjoying it but seeing as everyone has different tastes I can’t speak for everyone.
  • I read both digital and physical copies.


DNF – I did not finish the book.

★ – Did not like this at all.

★★ – Didn’t like it but I got through it.

★★★ – I enjoyed it. That’s it. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t amazing.

★★★★ – Really liked it!

★★★★★ – You need to read this book, right now.

5 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Hello Jolien

    I loved your review of The Bone Season and thought you’d be interested in mine. I really would love you to review my book The Cracked Amulet
    One of the main protagonists is a real kick-ass girl, Katleya, who is also trying to find her way in a world full of people that either want to kill or enslave her, particularly the Blood-priests of Mureck. The male protagonist, Coryn, is an ex-slave, desperate to fulfill an oath he gave when still a child, and to find his sister – all that remains of his family. Romance between the two is hinted at when they finally meet, but hasn’t a chance to flower as, with two other women and several children, they must escape the desert trap they are in, surrounded by a Blood-priest and the savage creatures he controls with Blood-magik – the writhen.
    If you are interested let know and I’ll send you a paperback copy or an e-book, whichever you prefer.

    All the best


  2. I loved your Water Knife review and thought this might pique your interest.

    Cumulus, my new science fiction novel about a near-future SF Bay Area ravaged by economic inequality and persistent surveillance, came out on Thursday. In 24 hours, it hit front page Reddit, became the #1 cyberpunk bestseller on Amazon, raised thousands of dollars for charity, and generated 6 separate inbound literary/film/tv rights inquiries from major agencies and production companies. Esteemed folks like Tim O’Reilly, David Brin, Ramez Naam, Cory Doctorow, and Brad Feld among others have shared or said nice things about it.

    Would you like a review copy?

    Here’s the book:

    Here’s an Ars Technica review of Cumulus that went viral:

    Here’s some background:

    Thanks, Eliot


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