Discussion: On Guilt

Today, I thought I’d make a little discussion post about guilt. I only started my blog in September of 2014 so I’m a fairly recent blogger. Lately, I’ve been feeling guilty for various reasons, all related to either reading or my blog. I don’t know whether it’s a thing every blogger feels or if it is just me but I thought I’d talk about it here anyway. I’veĀ  been feeling guilty for several different reasons.

  1. Loving a book that others/other bloggers disliked.
    I know that reading tastes are very different and as we are all unique, we all tend to like different things. Yet somehow, I feel guilty when I give a book a good rating/review and see that others disliked it. What if someone bought this book based on my recommendation and then hated it? So yes, I feel guilty about this. It leads to me feeling guilty for liking something which I shouldn’t be! If I loved it, then I should definitely be able to say so. This community is so kind, and everyone accepts that we have different reading tastes which is why they’d never judge you for loving that book. It’s definitely not the other bloggers that make me feel guilty, it’s all me.
  2. Disliking a universally loved book.
    The complete opposite of #1, but no less true. For example, The Great Gatsby. I HATE THAT BOOK. Yet everyone seems to love it for some reason. It makes me think I missed something about it. Did I not read it thoroughly enough? It’s a classic, so maybe it’s because I wasn’t raised speaking English? It makes me doubt myself but most of all, it makes me feel guilty for disliking it. The same goes for hyped up books. I’m always afraid to read them because it raises my expectations so high I often end up disappointed -looking at you, The Maze Runner.
  3. Having periods where I’m extremely busy.
    As some of you may know, I do go to university. It’s my final bachelor year which basically means they dump a whole load of work and projects on your lap. That combined with my social/student life and keeping up the blog can lead to periods where I don’t really have much time to read. Which also means there won’t be a lot of reviews going up. And I feel so guilty about that! I know that it is normal to have busy periods, but I want my content to be consistent and good!
  4. Not being able to read review books immediately.
    Aaaah, how bad this makes me feel. Currently, I have about 13 unread books from Netgalley, 1 from Edelweiss and 2 from authors. And since I have to study most of the day -every day- up until the end of January, I don’t have much time. And since I’m a mood-reader I really need to feel like reading that book before I pick it up. If I pick it up just out of obligation, I’ll end up hating it. And even though I warn the authors beforehand, that it probably will take me a few months before I end up reading their book, I feel guilty about it.
  5. DNFing a book.
    The guilt I feel when I DNF a book -especially a review book- is indescribable. I mean, the publisher/author expects a review from me in return for me receiving it. But sometimes, there’s just no other choice for me. I did this last year with Whole in the Clouds, because I could not carry on reading that one. And while I made a review explaining my reasons for not finishing it, it didn’t lessen my feelings of guilt.
  6. Not having read a hyped up book.
    This happens to me so often! I don’t know why, but I have trouble picking up books that the blogging community universally loves, because I’m afraid to be disappointed. But then, you end up being the only one that hasn’t read that book! Examples: I haven’t read The Winner’s Curse, Splintered, Heir of Fire, etc. GUILT(Y).
  7. Barely having read any classics.
    As I was born and raised in Belgium, I’ve never been obliged to read the classics like in American/English high schools. So I never really did. I think the only classic I’ve read is The Great Gatsby, which I read in 2013 and loathed. This year, I made it my resolution to read 2 classics so I can catch up a bit and stop feeling so guilty/ashamed. Recommendations are always welcome!

I’m pretty sure I could come up with other topics I feel guilty about, but for now I’ll leave it at this. Do any of you experience the same thing? I’d love to hear about it!