Putting Aside My Favorite Genre?

Most of you already know that fantasy is my favorite genre. It’s my love. Which is why I dedicated this blog to the speculate fiction I read. Sometimes I take a break for a romance review, or a non-fiction one, etc. But I always circle back to my main genre: fantasy. And lately, that hasn’t been the case. 

In October so far, I’ve read 1 fantasy book. In September I read 2 -aside from some of my Harry Potter re-reads of course. That’s ridiculous for me. Especially because while I’m writing this, I’ve read 20 books during that time -17 not including the Harry Potter ones. I can’t explain why I haven’t felt like reading fantasy as much as I otherwise do. 

The past few weeks, I’ve been in a mystery/thriller mood. The weeks before that, it was romance. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with expanding your genres, I’m not saying that. But I feel at times like I’m letting you guys down. I feel like, if you follow my blog, that’s because you love the books I usually read. Fantasy. And by not reading that genre, or speculative fiction in general, I’m letting you all down. 

It’s not that there are no fantasy books I’m excited to read! There are so many I want to pick up. Especially The Wise Man’s Fear, The Desert Spear and No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished. I’m really excited to read those! Yet I can’t seem to pick them up? 

I don’t want to let you all down. 
I want to tell you about all the amazing fantasy reads out there. 
I want to discover more amazing fantasy books. 
I just can’t seem to do so right now. 
I hope you’ll bear with me, while I go through some other genres. 

Have you ever gone through a period where you’ve stepped away from your favorite genre? Have you noticed the lack of fantasy here, or am I just making it up? Let me know!