Does My Mood Reading Affect the Format I Read In?

I have four formats I tend to read in: hard copies (either from my shelves or the library), audio books, using my e-reader or using the Kindle app

I have always known I am a mood reader. That’s the biggest reason I don’t make monthly TBR piles. I already know it won’t work and I’ll end up having read none of the books on my list. I’m trying to do seasonal TBRs because then I have about 3 months to read 10 book, and even that never works out. And I have learned to love that quality in myself. It’s how I keep reading fun, because I never know what I’ll pick up next -or which gem I’ll discover next. 

However, when I looked at my 2015 reading in my Excel sheet (yes, I do keep those) I noticed a trend. Several trends in fact. I went through periods of reading almost exclusively in one format. For example, in August 2015 I listened to several audio books in a row, while I hadn’t listened to any before. I didn’t read any physical copies in between or any digital copies either. Then I went through a phase of reading several books on my Kindle app. Again, I didn’t read any other formats during that phase. At the moment, I’m going through a hard copy phase. I don’t want to pick up a digital copy or listen to an audio book.

I never noticed this trend in my reading before. But I think it even gets to a point in which I won’t pick up a certain book because I don’t feel like reading said format. How can a format affect my reading so much? I do love all 4 formats I use. Yet sometimes, I can’t get myself to pick up a digital copy. I just want a physical one. 

If I’m not in the mood for a certain format, I usually can’t get myself to concentrate on it. For example, if I’m not in the mood for an audio book but force myself to listen to one, I discover after an hour that I haven’t retained anything from the story. At all. If I read a Kindle book when I’m not in the mood for it -like right now with A Gathering of Shadows- I can’t get myself to pick my tablet back up once I’ve put it down. I’ve been looking forward to A Gathering of Shadows for about a year, yet I can’t get myself to continue reading it. Just because it’s on my Kindle app, and I want to read a physical copy right now. 

Am I the only one this happens to? Is this some extreme form of mood reading? Am I going to end up buying a book in every format, just to be sure? No, that would be so incredibly expensive, seriously. 

So here is my question: are you a mood reader? Do you read in different formats? If you do, does it affect your reading?