2019 reading predictions

Every year so far, I’ve made a post on my reading goals for the coming year. Today, I’ve changed that post from goals into reading predictions. I feel like the word ‘goals’ only makes me feel pressured, and leaves me disappointed when I don’t reach them by the end of the year. The predictions, on the other hand, are just fun. Let’s talk about 2019!

I’ll read around 70 books

I started tracking the amount of books I read per year in 2013 through the Goodreads Reading Challenge. It’s the easiest way for me to keep track of what I read, as I tend to update my Goodreads often. For the first few years of doing this challenge I read about 140 books a year, which I only achieved because I was a university student and read when I’m stressed.

Ever since graduating, I’ve read somewhere around 70 books a year. I think 2019 will see the same trend as well. There are months in which I read 15 books, and months in which I don’t read anything. That’s what works for me at the moment, and doesn’t stress me out.

I’ll read more translated books

This ties in to the challenge I’ve set myself of reading a book from every country in the world. This means written by an author with that nationality. I didn’t set a timeline for the challenge, but it’s definitely something I’ll keep in mind the coming years. Since I only speak Dutch and English well enough to read a full novel/book, I’m going to read a lot more translated books than I have in the past.

reading a variety of genres

I’ve actually already noticed a difference when it comes to genres in my reading in 2017 vs my reading in 2018. In 2018, the vast majority of books I read were fantasy. In 2018, I read a wider variety of genres and decreased the amount of fantasy books. Don’t get me wrong, fantasy will always be my favorite genre. But there are so many other interesting books to discover, and I don’t want to limit myself so much.

I’ll get my physical TBR to around 75

I guess you could see this as a goal? Right now, my physical TBR is around 99 (as I’m typing this). I did read a lot more of my own books in 2018, but I also bought a few thanks to YALC and used bookstores. The good news is that most of the books I bought were heavily discounted. The bad news is that I feel like I’m never going to get around to reading some.

I think getting my TBR to 75 or 80 might be what I’ll achieve in 2019. I’ve become really good at unhauling books, going to the library more, and only buying books I am genuinely interested in.

the majority of my book buying will be secondhand 

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to new releases. But I’ve truly fallen in love with used bookstores in the second half of 2018, and I don’t see that trend ending soon. I ordered from Better World Books and got so many great books for such a low price level! Then I rediscovered Pêle-Mêle, a used bookstore in Brussels, too.

I’ve never been someone who needs her books to be in pristine condition, so I don’t really care about having books that look used. I actually break the spines of my paperbacks too (GASP) and like that it makes them look read and loved. Besides, I have found some really interesting books for such a low price!

If this does come true, it’ll save me so much money and help me towards reading a wider variety of genres and books I haven’t heard of before.

Those are my reading predictions for 2019! What do you think of goals vs predictions? What do you think your reading year will look like?