Review: The Spirit Rebellion (Legend of Eli Monpress #2) by Rachel Aaron

the spirit rebellion

Title: The Spirit Rebellion
Author: Rachel Aaron
Series: Legend of Eli Monpress #2
Published: November 1st, 2010 by Orbit
Genres: (high) fantasy
Rating: 5/5 stars

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I won’t include a synopsis, seeing as it is the second book in the series.


After reading the first book and loving it, I immediately went on to the second one. I have a review of the first one up as well, which you can find here. I often have a problem finishing series. I pick the first one up and enjoy it but don’t feel like continuing immediately. With the Legend of Eli Monpress, I knew I had to go on as soon as possible. I just couldn’t let go of the world and the characters yet. And the sequel didn’t disappoint either!

In this novel, we get to see a tiny bit more of Eli’s past. Once I finished the first book I realized that I knew next to nothing about Eli -aside from the obvious characteristics. We get a little glimpse here, yet I want to know so much more. I have so much questions about him. Who the hell is the White Lady? But in a weird way, I don’t mind being left in the dark for a bit more. I feel like I’m waiting for the big reveal, and I have a feeling my mind is going to be blown.

I really enjoyed reading more about every character. Even though I just said that I know next to nothing about Eli’s past I do feel like you get to know him. Like you don’t need his past to know his character. And the same for Nico and Josef. You learn more about each of them. You can see Nico struggling with the demonseed inside her and get to explore Josef’s unwillingness to pick up the Heart of War in a fight. And Miranda! Her situation changes so much from the first book yet she still holds her beliefs and hopes -even if Gin, her dog, has to remind her once.

Overall, I thought this was a solid sequel! The story itself was very interesting, I never knew where it was going to go. In the first novel you know from the synopsis that Eli is stealing the king and everything unfolds from there. Here, I didn’t know where to even begin, which was so much fun!

I picked up the third book and am currently reading that. So far, it’s a series I would highly recommend -even if the covers aren’t pretty. At all.