Wintry Reads | #TopTenTuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly post hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week, we’re talking about cozy/wintry reads. These are all books I loved, and think are perfect to read in winter. During winter, I tend to curl up with a big book I can really lose myself in. If that’s you as well, these books would be perfect for you!

Red Sister (Book of the Ancestor #1) by Mark Lawrence
I love to read fantasy, especially in winter. I started this series in the beginning of 2018, and fell in love with it. It follows Nona who is taken to the Convent of Sweet Mercy to train and become a Sister. She has her heart set on being a Red Sister – a Sister of battle. Basically, it’s assassins, nuns, female friendships, and watching them grow up. The majority of the characters in this series are female.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt
I feel like this book is a wintry read for multiple reasons. First of all, it is set in New England and partly in winter which makes for a wonderfully fitting atmosphere. Second, this book requires you take your time to read it. Usually, I’m a quite fast reader. With The Secret History, I had to learn to read slowly and take my time with it. Which is perfect because it gets dark so early you might as well curl up and dedicate a few hours of your evening to this novel.

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
Maybe I associate this book with winter because I read it in December? Anyway, this is a historical fiction novel set during WWII, and it follows the lives of two French sisters. I don’t know why I feel like winter is a perfect time to read historical fiction or heartbreaking reads, but there you go. This is definitely one of them.

Warbreaker (Warbreaker #1) by Brandon Sanderson
Like I said before, winter is the perfect time for long fantasy books (in my opinion). Obviously, I couldn’t make this list without putting a Brandon Sanderson novel on it. Warbreaker is one of my favorites, and it gets mentioned far less than the Stormlight Archive series or the Mistborn novels.

The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard #1) by Scott Lynch
Another fantasy novel that will require quite a bit of your time. When I first started this series, it took me a while to get into it. Once I did, however, I flew through the rest of the book – and series. The perfect book for a cozy weekend inside!

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien
I chose this book for the same reasons as some of the previous books. It’s a fantasy novel you can truly lose yourself in, provide you give it enough time and attention. Middle Earth is the first place I think of when choosing a fictional world to escape to! However, Tolkien’s books can be quite slow to read because he uses a lot of descriptions and incredibly long sentences. Once again, the perfect book for a night in front of the fireplace.

Running With Lions by Julian Winters
A much lighter read than the ones I’ve recommended so far! This is an adorable story about Sebastian who goes back to summer training camp and sees his childhood friend, Emir, again. His feelings might not be entirely those of a friend. It’s wholesome, cute, wonderful and will make you feel so happy.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Wayfarers #1) by Becky Chambers
I have no idea why this feels like the perfect winter read to me, but it does. It’ll warm your heart in these cold, heartless times? Yeah, let’s go with that. It’s one of my favorite science fiction books so far, and the characters are top notch.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Another WWII book! Read this if you want to cry. Then watch the movie and cry some more.

This Mortal Coil (The Mortal Coil #1) by Emily Suvada
This book is perfect for winter because after reading it, you’ll want to retreat to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and avoid human contact for the rest of your life. It’s about a virus that breaks out in North America, and causes you to eat other humans until the virus makes you blow up. The moment it blows up, it infects everyone who breathes it in. The scary part is that the virus was probably created by humans (by accident) after tweaking genes too much. It’s scarily realistic.

These 10 books are perfect for long winter nights in front of the fireplace. Have you read any of these books? Which books would you recommend as wintry reads?

My Winter Wrap Up

Okay, the season is over so it’s time to see which books from My Winter TBR I actually managed to read. Spoiler alert: I only read 2. 

winter tbr 80c8b0

These are the books I was planning on reading. 

what i read 80c8b0

The Death of Dulgath (Riyria Chronicles #3) by Michael J. Sullivan // ★★★★.5 // This is one of my all-time favorite fantasy worlds/series/author. I am in love with Riyria, and The Death of Dulgath did not disappoint. If you want to read more of my thoughts on it, here’s my review.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt //  ★★★★★ // Again, a new favorite. It seems that although I read only 2/10 books, I absolutely loved both. That’s still a good season in my opinion. If you want to read my review on it, you can find it here. I’d definitely recommend reading this book, it was a unique reading experience!

I know I read only 2 out of the 10 books. But no worries! As you may have seen in my Spring TBR, I am planning on changing these seasonal TBRs. I’ll keep the ones I haven’t read on the TBR for the next season, and switch out those I have read for new additions. So the 8 books I didn’t manage to read in winter, I’m hoping to get to in Spring. And 2 additional ones -you can check those out in the Spring TBR post linked above.

My Winter TBR

A few days ago, I did my Fall Wrap Up. In that post, I showed you all which books I was planning to read in the fall, and which I actually ended up reading. And even though I never succeed in finishing my seasonal TBRs, I still want to make them and try. So here’s the books I want to read during winter! 

Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes #1) by Sara Raasch // I’ve been meaning to read this YA fantasy book for a while. I’ve heard really great things about it, plus it’s been on my shelf for a month of 2-3. Time to get to it!

The Emperor’s Blades (Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne #1) by Brian Staveley // Again, this has been on my shelf since the summer. I really want to read it because it seems like a great fantasy novel. I genuinely don’t know why I haven’t read it yet. 

The Demon King (Seven Realms #1) by Cinda Williams Chima // Okay, this has probably been on my shelf for a year. Shameful. I think the reason I haven’t read this is because I’m afraid I won’t enjoy it as much as everyone seems to? 

The Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive #1) by Brandon Sanderson // I read Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson this year and really loved it. So I definitely want to pick up more of his work. 

Wolf by Wolf (Wolf by Wolf #1) by Ryan Graudin // I have seen such great things about this book everywhere. And the synopsis sounds intriguing and unique so I definitely want to give this one a go. 

The Death of Dulgath (Riyria Chronicles #3) by Michael J. Sullivan // I love this series. Not just the Chronicles, but the Revelations series too. So as long as Sullivan keeps writing about Hadrian and Royce, I will keep reading. 

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson // I saw that Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections read and loved this book which obviously means that I want to read it too. 

Air Awakens (Air Awakens #1) by Elise Kova // Okay, not only does this book seem amazing, I’ve seen some pretty happy reviews on it. So naturally, I got it on the Kindle app and need to read it soon. 

The Well of Ascension (Mistborn #2) by Brandon Sanderson // Two Sanderson books on my TBR this winter! I know. I read the Final Empire quite a while ago and even though I loved it, I never got around to continuing. So I have to do it asap. 

The Secret History by Donna Tartt // At first, I wanted to start reading her works with The Goldfinch. But then I started seeing this book around. The premise sounds great and I got a copy at the book fest last week. So I want to read it soon! 

Those are the books I definitely want to pick up during winter! I know I probably won’t get to them all (story of my life) but at least half: that’s the goal. Have you read any of these books? Do you have a winter TBR? 

Mini Review of Winter


Novel: Winter (Lunar Chronicles #4) by Marissa Meyer
Published: November 10th 2015 by Feiwel & Friends 
Genres: YA, Fantasy/Science Fiction
Rating: 5/5 stars

Goodreads | Bookdepository 

I won’t provide a synopsis, as this is the fourth book in the series. 


As the title suggests, this will only be a mini-review. Why? Well, because it’s the fourth book in the series and I don’t want to spoil anyone. So yeah, let’s keep it short, shall we? 

I want to start by saying that this book made me very happy. It was everything and more. As some of you may know, I have loved the Lunar Chronicles for about 2 years now I think. And the release of this one was long awaited. At first I thought that was going to be a disadvantage because you only hype it up even more as you wait. But I definitely wasn’t disappointed by this finale! 

This book is packed full of action. Add that to the fact that it’s quite a long book and you have a fast-paced ending to the series. There were lots of fights, schemes, plots, abductions and rescues and so on. Just lots and lots going on. I was captivated from beginning to end. 

As for the characters, all I’ll say is love. The addition of Winter was great, because I love her. I feel like the following quote from The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch really fits her: 

There’s no freedom quite like the freedom of being constantly underestimated.

I also really enjoyed Jacin’s character! I haven’t read Fairest, so I haven’t really read much about/from Levana before. This book definitely has a lot of Levana in it and I have to say it was intriguing. She’s an interesting character. 

I just loved it, overall. It was action-packed, captivating and full of fascinating characters. If you haven’t started this series, please give it a try. If you haven’t started Winter, please get on that too. 

My Winter Wrap Up

It’s finally SPRING TIME. You can’t imagine how happy that makes me! I am definitely not much of a winter person -I’m already clumsy on dry ground. Lately, we’ve been having some “good weather” days in Belgium which to be honest is kind of a miracle by itself. But the coming of a new season marks the end of the previous one, which means it’s time for a Wrap Up! I made a post before –Top Ten Tuesday: Winter TBR– showing all the books I wanted to read in the winter. SURPRISE: I didn’t.

These are the ten books I wanted to read this winter:

Never Fade (Darkest Minds #2) by Alexandra Bracken
Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. Maas
Half a King (Shattered Sea #1) by Joe Abercrombie
The Winner’s Curse (Winner’s Trilogy #1) by Marie Rutkoski
The Bone Season (Bone Season #1) by Samantha Shannon
The House of the Four Winds by Mercedes LAckey
The Spirit Thief (Legend of Eli Monpresss #1) by Rachel Aaron
City of Stairs by Robert Jackson bennett
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The ones I actually read this winter:

heir of fire half a king the spirit thief

Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. MaasMy review
Half a King (Shattered Sea #1) by Joe AbercrombieMy review
The Spirit Thief (Legend of Eli Monpresss #1) by Rachel AaronMy review
(The titles will lead you to Goodreads)

So, 3/10. That’s how I did. One of my 2015 goals was to read at least half of every seasonal TBR, which I guess is already ruined. But on the bright side, I loved each book that I read from the list! They were all incredible reads -and all fantasy, hmm. Let’s hope I’ll do better in spring!

Top Ten Tuesday: My Winter TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week, you make a list of ten books surrounding a certain topic. This week is all about the books you want to read this winter. Now, I’m going to be honest: I shouldn’t be allowed to do TBR lists. Why, you ask? Because I never, ever end up reading them. I’m a huge mood reader and tend to pick up whatever I feel like at the moment. I bet that I won’t have read a single book on my Fall TBR by the end of fall. Whoops. So you should view this list as following: My Winter TBR (in an ideal universe, where I actually do read them). So let’s get into it!

never face heir of fire half a king the winner's curse the bone season

  1. Never Fade (The Darkest Minds #2) by Alexandra Bracken
    I really enjoyed the first book, The Darkest Minds, which was the first book I read in 2014. We’re almost at the end of the year and I haven’t continued with the series yet. Now that In the Afterlight is published, I can actually binge-read them if I want to.
  2. Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. Maas
    I tried picking this one up last month, but I was just not in the mood. I love this story and the characters though, and I’ve heard great things about Heir of Fire!
  3. Half a King (Shattered Sea #1) by Joe Abercrombie
    This one just sounds like a solid fantasy story. I’ve seen some reviews from YouTubers/bloggers whose opinions tend to align with mine and they seemed to love it. SO I MUST READ IT AND LOVE IT TOO.
  4. The Winner’s Curse (The Winner’s Trilogy #1) by Marie Rutkoski
    The sequel to this book was on so many people’s TTT last week -sequels I need right now. If so many people are anticipating the sequel, the first one must have made a good impression. I’m curious!
  5. The Bone Season (The Bone Season #1) by Samantha Shannon
    I’ve been hearing more and more about this one recently, and all good things. The synopsis sounds so intriguing as well!

city of stairs the house of the four winds the spirit thief all the light we cannot see the help

  1. City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett
    Again, this was recommended -not specifically to me- by someone whose reviews I trust, especially in the fantasy genre. This seems to be a standalone too, which I love. Fantasy standalones are quite rare.
  2. The House of the Four Winds (One Dozen Daughters #1) by Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory
    I stumbled across this book recently, and the synopsis sounds like so much fun! If you want to read it, you can click on the title to go to its Goodreads page.
  3. The Spirit Thief (The Legend of Eli Monpress #1) by Rachel Aaron
    The greatest thief of the age, Eli Monpress, needs to raise the bounty on his head to put his plan into effect. And what better way to do so than to steal some things? Like a king.
  4. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
    Switching it up to a total different genre with this one. A historical fiction story about an orphan German boy and a blind Parisian girl during the war.
  5. The Help by Kathryn Stockett
    I really need to read this one. I’ve seen the movie twice -I think- and really loved it. So I have to read this book!

So this is my list for this week. Have you made one? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to check them out!